New Update v305

- Increased Chn power on pure str when using buff Flamebody God * in futrue there will be update for INT Chn too
- New Website
- Removed Rebirth/Astral and changed it into simple system Cultivation you can find it in website
- All old players got max level in Cultivation system
- Added new system Royalpass with mission pass and amazing gifts check website for details
- New alot of content in website we still working on some parts of the website which will be done soon
- New Donation options and new Shopmall
- Honor buff is added on website with same idea of cost with Arena coins *Fixed honor buff time wont get bugged again *Only allowed to include one buff for balance *all old buffs are removed in regard
- Added new Gift code system where we will include gifts in our facebook page for limited time
- Removed some items from game like (global, avatars, pets, and some buff scrolls and included them in shopmall in website) *took all globals from players Inventory/bank/pets
- New Title system with life-time titles and limited grind titles
- New Change avatar gender on assign to game that include Devils
- Removed VIP system, all player who had VIP/VVIP will still get the luck out of it * If you got question regarding it you can reach us anytime
- Fixed max Devil plus into 10 and converted all game Devil which owned by players into lvl 10
Please note following: * All update content are under test so we may fix/change them accordingly * If you got compliment about update content you can reach us to solve it * We hope that in future there will be a better gaming content for players which will come after we make sure that this update have landed a hit * We are going to launch a campaign inviting more players to game * There some stuff not done on website which will be completed in the up coming days but overall game is soundly ready for the new SRO Era