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There's quite a bit of work to do for a new player.
One is cultivate quests in your website character panel to get Reborn levels.
The other is choosing a faction (also website character panel)
For Dg14 = You need to buy DG11 from NPC at +30
Then use Rare Upgrade Scroll to change it to Egy A
Then use Rare Upgrade Scroll (again) to change it to Egy B
Then use Legendary Scroll to make it Legendary
Then you need to buy +31-+40 scrolls from NPC and make the item +40
Then you need to buy the Zircon Upgrade Scroll from NPC and that will make the item D14
AS for the insult, there is a group of players looking to annoy/frustrate new players to deter them from playing
These people will generally harass you for items, swear at you, insult you, provoke you until you want to leave.
I was going to leave because of it myself, now I personally attack them at every given chance.
I find it more entertaining to annoy them, tease them, I try not to break the rules but at the end of the day I'm not too concerned.
If they call me Kosmk or anything I don't understand I show them anger and PK
I'm personally Canadian so I really don't know much arabic or yamli. So I just do my thing.
I'd help all you guys but I haven't been able to be online lately.